Pets’ transport


In Grupo AutoMascotas we are specialized in transporting pets by water, air and road. We are able to make your pet feel as it were travelling with yourself.


We are animal lovers and we try to guarantee that the animal will have a trip in accordance with his personality, taste and feelings. Because, as ourselves, not all of them are the same!


You do not have to worry about anything; inGrupoAutomascotaswe take charge of everything: (documents, vaccination, passports, etc.)

It does not matter the race or the weight; from a poodle to a mastiff.

We have done the move of pets of any size, weight and age and always guaranteeing their comfort and welfare.


Our vehicles comply with the welfare and health normative; certified for transport with the number AT ES 12 280002606.


For the air and sea transportation we have agreements with companies certified by international associations as IATA or IPATA.

We carry out deliveries by road throughout Europe and Morocco.

We deliver any kind of pet around the world.



Urban pets’ transports


This service is for those people who need extra help for their pets’ transport and care.

Your pet can visit its vet or hairdresser, go to parties and holidays, changes of place of residence or any other thing without modifying your daily life schedule. We do it for you!


Remember: you can travel with your pet for the same price.

Emergencies 24h


Pet transport by road


We are driving and pet’s world professionals.

Our pets’ transports are adapted to your needs from your place of residence to the delivery point you choose complying with the welfare and health normative on transport of live animals of the European Community.

We only work with pets that is the reason why we guarantee their welfare and an ideal treatment, both in VIP services and shared National and European routes.


We take care of your pet in the transport by using acclimatized vehicles to guarantee an appropriate temperature for your pet during the trip. In our company, we use panoramic vehicles, shared with the drivers; in this way there is a direct contact with your pet. The pets travel in approved and removable carriers which allow a better disinfection (we are worry about your pets’ health).

We adapt to your delivery and pickup schedule in VIP services. We take a break every six hours to walk your pet. During the tour we keep in contact with you, informing about your pet’s state. Furthermore, we have contact with vets in every itinerary, just in case of emergency. And if you ask for it, we travel with qualified vets to increase your pet’s comfort.

Only your pets travel on VIP services.

Remember: you can travel with your pet for the same price.


Send us your query and we will answer as soon as possible.



Air and sea pettransportation

•Wego with your petaround the world and give it to you directly.

With this system we travel with your pet in the same plane or boat. Being always by his side and guaranteeing a direct delivery and special treatment of your pet.

•We bring and take pets around the world taking charge of all your procedures.

•We pick your pet at the airport and take it directly to the destination you choose.


We also send your pet alone wherever you choose!


National and international pets’ transport

Send us your query and we will answer as soon as possible.





Our vehicles


•High range

•Internal and external temperature control

•Ultimate security systems

•Comfort for you and your pet

•Glazed to avoid stress and phobias.

•Background music

•Internal air renovation

•Approved and registered by Animal Health for pets’ transport.